My recommendation? Don’t reply.

This been the world’s LONGEST week!!! So glad it’s Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend?! I’m going to take it easy and try to catch up on some cleaning, reading, and work. (Thrilling, I know.)

Today’s website is one that most of you have probably already visited but… it’s nice to be reminded of good things once in a while. Plus, it’s been updated (semi) recently. The site is:

Don’t Even Reply: E-mails from an Asshole is the website of a guy who basically goes onto classified websites like Craigslist and replies to people’s ads. He starts out pretty normal with some slightly odd requests/comments regarding the person’s ad, and by the end of the email string, he has usually been cursed out!

Some of my favorite Don’t Even Reply email interactions include:

High-rise Fridge Delivery:

Original ad:
I bought this GE refrigerator a few years ago, but just got a new one for my kitchen and no longer need it. It still works perfectly and is very large, perfect as your main fridge for a kitchen. I’m asking $300 for it. I am located in Brooklyn, but will be willing to deliver it up to 25 miles for a small fee.

From Mike Partlow:
“…I want it delivered to my office on the 67th floor of the ********* Building on **rd st and **********. Now I am pretty sure that the fridge won’t fit in the elevator, and if it does, it would exceed the weight capacity, so you will have to carry it up the stairs. I hope this won’t be a problem…”

Vintage Liquor:

Original ad:
“Collector looking for vintage scotch, rum, cognac, bourbon, etc. Willing to pay top dollar for fine bottles.”

From Timmy Tucker:
“Hey there! I saw your ad on ********** and have some “vintage” liquor you may be interested in.
I have about half a handle of Captain Morgan’s Rum, a rare vintage rum from the Caribbean. I bought this at a liquor store on Long Island in 2007, and believe that its taste has really aged to perfection. I am willing to sell this for $300…”

So… if you ever receive an odd request in response to an ad you put online, it just might be this guy. My recommendation would be “Don’t Even Reply.”

Have you seen this website before? What are some of YOUR favorites?! Have a GREAT Weekend!!

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2 thoughts on “My recommendation? Don’t reply.

  1. Jeremy says:

    hahahaha yessssss … I forgot about that guy. He’s so mean/funny/awesome.

  2. Clare says:

    yes! I sat down and read these one day for the whole day. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was hilarious. I just love this site.

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