Oatmeal, it will satisfy your hunger

Your hunger for some entertainment, perhaps.

Hump day! Congratulations on making it halfway through your week! To help you get over the hump, I have found a website full of humor, art, quizzes, and even some educational information! It’s called

The Oatmeal.

Yes, like that warm, gooey, (often instant) breakfast from your childhood.

The Oatmeal is a site created by a guy named  Matthew Inman who writes,draws, and codes everything you see. His story and how he got to where he is… well… it’s actually pretty interesting…

Anyway, back to the reason we’re all here. The Oatmeal features a series of humorously written and illustrated “articles” on a variety of topics ranging from electronics and advice , to education and short stories. Each of these articles are full of humorous, sometimes crude cartoons that actually are quite artistic! They really have a great visual appeal to them (bright colors, nice flow & etc)!

Although the main page features the previously mentioned “articles,” the site also has a lot of quizzes (for entertainment purposes only). The quizzes include things that every person should know… like.. “How long could you survive…” (29 seconds) and “How addicted… are you?” (I’m only 61% addicted!! HA!).

Well, if you read my blog first thing in the morning, the first two categories described above should take you through about lunch time.

After lunch, continue reading through the Miscellaneous section and cruise through the Shop to pick up your own copy of the official Oatmeal Comic Book. As described on the website,  “The Oatmeal comic book is packed full of shovels, dinosaurs, crackwhores, corpses, bacon, and plenty of other enchanting awesomeness.”

Baaaasssically, this website is yet another time sucker (in a good way if thats what you’re intending on doing- bad if you’re trying to be productive).  Personally, I find it funny and artistic. Two of my favorite things.

Did you read the comics or take any quizzes? Which ones were your favorites? What were your results?

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One thought on “Oatmeal, it will satisfy your hunger

  1. Clare says:

    yes yes yes a 1000 times yes! I love this site. esp the one you posted a few days ago on FB about eating horses. Gosh, this is totally my kinda humor. Smart, witty, hilarious and well thought out! Loves it!

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