They didn’t just ______.

Finally Friday!

How did your first weekend of “2k10,” “twenty ten,” “oh-one-oh,” or “oh-ten” go?! Personally, mine went trudging through molasses. And was finished by me getting woken up at 5:15AM by workermen doing carpet installation on BOTH of my wall-sharing neighbors. WTF.

Anyway… to celebrate it being Friday, I will share with you a humorous website. It’s called: MUST be a sister site to‘, & etc (if not, it should be). Same concept, different topic. Basically, the website features photos of people doing awkward, inappropriate, humorous, and just plain strange things. Similar to TotallyLooksLike, sometimes the captions make the pics funny… and honestly, sometimes the pics are not even all that funny- yet I can’t seem to stop clicking that “Older Entries” button.

Here are a few of my favorite “theydidntjust” photos:

“They didn’t just crowd surf the hard way did they?”

They didn’t just love bomb their photo did they?

What are some of YOUR favorite TheyDidntJusts? Send me the urls!

Enjoy your weekend!

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2 thoughts on “They didn’t just ______.

  1. Laura says:

    Ok, worst/BEST ones ever….

    They didn’t just not expect a flash of light did they?

    They didn’t just show the glamorous side of Daytona Beach did they?

    They didn’t just creep all of the women out a bit did they?

    Haha, too good. When it makes you say “yuck”, you know they’ve won.

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