You need therapy.

As I have mentioned a million times, I am completely obsessed with design… whether its art, furniture, interior, exterior, clothing… I love it all. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to another of my favorite craft/home/design websites:

Apartment Therapy.

Apartment Therapy is a website that covers everything home. In fact, it is so thorough in its home design coverage, it actually has additional sister sites covering home design related to technology, children, green and cooking!

Each of Apartment Therapy’s websites offer tours of GORGEOUS homes, advice & tips, DIY ideas, and featured products… the list seems to go on and on. This site has SO much to offer that you could seriously spend days going through all the sites and probably still not see it all (perfect for a slow week at the office perhaps? … you didn’t hear that from me…)!

Of all the things to look at on this site, my favorite is still the Apartment Therapy main site. You have the option of narrowing your viewing by major cities (NY, LA, SanFran, Chicago, DC, Boston)! Each city has its own house tours, sales & events, and classifieds (kinda like the Furniture section of Craigslist)! What a great way to get connected to other design loving people (and things)!

I guarantee if you have an OUNCE of artistic appreciation in you, you will LOVE this site (and the others, as well)!

What do you think?! Do you love this site as much as I do!?

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2 thoughts on “You need therapy.

  1. Since you are into design, check out

    it’s a site dedicated to design but not to be confused with the invention addict site

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