Now this is Uncommon!

Happy Hump Day guys!

Okay I’m going to apologize ahead of time because today’s website is slightly bias buuuut…. I love it too much not to share!

For those of you who have the iPhone, Blackberry Storm II, or  iPod Touch, you should pay attention to this. Matt, of 7Side Design (you will hear more about him in a few weeks) has introduced me to a super cool website:


Uncommon is a website that allows you to create your own iPhone, Blackberry Storm II (coming soon), and iPod Touch (coming soon) cases!!!

The way you create your own is ridiculously simple. All you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions. They involve either uploading your own images/photos/artwork (300 dpi is ideal) or choosing from a collection of artists and themes. After you have your image, you will be prompted to resize, rotate, and place the image however you want it on the case. and BAM! $40 later (which is not bad AT ALL for an iPhone case), you have your own piece of art to show off!

Below is are a few quick samples of some I created to see what it’s like/show you how easy it is!

You may be thinking… “Okay, that’s pretty cool and a pretty good cost but… it must be the world’s cheapest case” (that’s basically what bf told me). Au contraire my friend! The website describes it’s awesome product below:

Obsessively designed and engineered to make your most precious device look and feel its best, the iPhone 3G/3Gs Capsule Case is the sleekest, most durable, twin-shot case on the market. Combine this with any image you desire and our exclusive Uncommon 3D TATT™ Printing process that transfers the ink deep into the case’s surface… and you have the only one-of-a-kind protective case on the planet.

• Convenient capsule design for easy insertion.
• Removable bottom for placing in dock.
• Easy-access button covers for those important moments.
• Twin-shot dark matter bezel to keep screen safe & looking large.
• Shatterproof polycarbonate to take any beating.

So basically, it’s cool, reasonably priced, and will actually protect your phone! Best of all worlds! And with that said, I’m officially obsessed and as soon as I find an image that I absolutely love (and won’t get sick of), I am for SURE  going get myself one of these.

Again, sorry if this website does not apply to you. Maybe one day you will have these phones or they will have a case for yours.

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4 thoughts on “Now this is Uncommon!

  1. Matt says:

    Thats the worst part of it. How do you pick the one image!! Dont look at for inspiration cause that just will make you insane. Of course at just 40 bucks a pop maybe you could have a couple!

  2. Cathy Welch says:

    Wish I had an Iphone or Itouch. I’ll pass this one on to my daughters!

  3. Clare says:

    Oh i think my boss did this with one of his phones! It is really cool-looking!

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