What the Dooce!

Not gunna lie… sorta having an off day… but to get me in a better mood, and fulfill my promise to introduce you to a new website/blog every (work) day, I have decided to share with you to a blog filled with a whole lot of awesome ‘tude:


Dooce is a blog that was started by Heather Armstrong (seen above with her adorbs hubby), an ex-web designer who, after being fired from her job, became a full time blogger! Oh the life (I mean… wouldn’t that be AWESOME?!)! Here is a little excerpt from her “About ” section. It was honestly this excerpt that originally caught my interest:

After teaching myself HTML, I moved to Los Angeles, California where I worked as a web designer for drug-addicted executives and discovered what life was like as a recovering Mormon. Meaning life was filled with PowerPoint templates and lethal amounts of tequila. I dated several actors and met a handful of celebrities. Everything you’ve ever heard about Los Angeles is absolutely true, especially the parts about traffic and actors: they really are that bad.

It was during my stay in Los Angeles that I started this website as a hobby. In February 2001, I launched dooce.com as a place to write about pop culture, music, and my life as a single woman. I never expected more than a couple of dozen people to read it. A year later I was fired from my job for this website because I had written stories that included people in my workplace. My advice to you is BE YE NOT SO STUPID… (more)

That was all it took for me to become a fan. And if you read more, you find out that she has been through some crazy sh*t. And has come out on TOP! She was named one of the The Most Influential Women in Media (#26) by Forbes, and has written a bunch of books!

Dooce is the perfect peek into someone’s life. I love how her blog lets her followers (over 300,000 of them!) know that they are not alone in their crazy lives. I love her sarcastic humor, writing style, home videos, and photo peeks/teasers! I love the whole thing. And when I grow up I wanna be Heather Armstrong. Or at least someone equally as awesome.

I know I’m starting to sound a bit psycho… but baaaassssiiicallly… I am a fan. I wonder what she calles her fans. Maybe “Doocers.” If that’s the case, then I will don the Doocer badge with pride.

Need a pick-me-up, get-involved-in-a-strangers-life kinda distraction (I mean who doesn’t?! I know you spend half the day stalking people on Facebook.)? Read through her blog, check out the pictures of her GORGEOUS family, dogs, and style.

Become as obsessed as me.

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3 thoughts on “What the Dooce!

  1. Kristen says:

    I checked out her website a few months ago, but I haven’t really been able to get into it. I’m not quite sure why, because I loved reading her “about me” section, but I just can’t seem to get into the rest of her blog. Maybe cause I don’t identify with her enough, who knows.

    That said, I like how you said you wanted to be Heather Armstrong when you grow up. I feel the same way about Stephanie Nielson of The NieNie Dialogues. It’s good we can find people/blogs/both that we can look up to. 🙂

  2. Emily,

    Nice find!

    Like Kristen, I found the “about me” section intriguing. Can you imagine generating enough advertising revenue that your spouse could quit their job? Now that’s cool. She must have a huge following, there are 130+ comments on her most recent post.


  3. Clare says:

    awesome find!! Wow I would love to be a professional blogger! I am both inspired and jealous of this woman!

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