Christmas Photo Overload?

Horray short work week!

Well… my family left last night. Our (late) Christmas celebrations included Bloody Marys, Tacky Christmas Sweaters, lots of Tetris, Williamsburg, Pierce’s BBQ, Holiday Lights at the Beach, and my little brother getting sick– but an overall awesome time with everyone! And here it is… as promised… a pic of the whole gang:

I think my favorite part of this picture is my little brother, who is 6’3″, sitting on my dads lap (my LEAST favorite part is my double chin’s guest appearance).

Okay… On to the real reason you’re here…

Today’s website will help you find fun projects to do with all those photos you’ve taken over Christmas (and New Years, Chanukah, Kwanza, and whatever else…). It’s called…


Photojojo is a website for people who love taking pictures- whether you’re a beginner or a pro. The website is basically a big… list? forum? full of project ideas, camera tools/tips/advice… LOTS of things to kill time and become inspired.

The Our Newsletter tab brings you to a list of all the newsletters that people (like me) receive when they sign up to… well… receive them. ha. I seriously LOVE getting the emails (once a week-ish I believe) and always want to do EVERYTHING they show me! Like the photo coasters and page-a-day calendars. The newsletter/website also highlights awesome camera products, accessories, and even photographers.

Besides the Newsletter, my other favorite part of this website is the Store. You know the cool products & etc it highlights? Some of those things are available to purchase directly through Photojojo! Personally, I like looking through the store to draw my own inspiration for art projects. I have made my own “Wish Bank Frame,” for instance (see photo below- notice the bloody mary), and can’t wait to try making my version of the “Magnetic Photo Ropes“!

Sign up for the Newsletter and become inspired, too!

I ❤ Crafts! woo!


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