This one goes out to all you ’80s babies!

Remember playing Oregon Trail on those retro Macintosh computers in elementary school?! I LOVED that game. It made the occasional “indoor recess” pretty much the best thing EVER.

Well… let me introduce you to a newer theme to the old game: its called…

Fall Out Boy Trail.

Fall Out Boy Trail takes the basic Oregon Trail mission (and adorable pixel graphics), and adapts it to the band-life. Your objective is to “Help the band survive a grueling tour across the country.”

After gathering your crucial supplies, consisting of oxen (you’re too poor to buy gas for your van, duh), nuggets, vitamin water, laser ammo, and “merch” (aka band merchandise), you are ready to get going. Along the way, you will encounter challenges including a “Guitar-Hero” kind of game, and surfing monsters who you will have to shoot lasers at (as you forge the river in your van…). You will need to choose who to party with (including rednecks, crackheads, frat boys, & etch) and may suffer from constipation or scary diseases like the dreaded “dingleberry.”

Note: For those who may want to play this game at work (tisk tisk ;-)),   I advise that you simply TURN OFF your speakers or put on those headphones because there are plenty of other sounds that may… draw unwanted attention.

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3 thoughts on “This one goes out to all you ’80s babies!

  1. Kristen says:

    OMG this is amazing. Not that I’m a huge fan of Fall Out Boy, but I looooved Oregon Trail. My aunt was an elementary school principal, and she let us take home the old Mac’s during the summers. Dreaded dingleberry, haha this is so funny! Good find!

  2. Laura says:

    I played. One of my guys died from starvation. Another from poo in the face, and the last one from sadness. I feel like a failure.

    Horribly addicting and worthless game 🙂

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