Christmas wouldn’t be the same without…

… Tacky Christmas Sweaters of course!

Hope you guys had a GREAT Christmas!

This year I actually celebrated Christmas with the boyfriend‘s family in Charlotte, NC.  I will celebrate with mmyyy family today and tomorrow 🙂 I required that everyone who enter my house wear a tacky Christmas sweater… can’t wait to see what everyone finds (I will definitely try to post some pics)!

Meanwhile, here is a collection of a few of the best types of Christmas sweaters (and where to buy them!):

Tacky Holiday Sweaters We Can’t Help But Love.

These sweaters are awesome! Definitely the Creme of the Crop!

Tacky Christmas Sweater Parties are all the rage this year (or so I’ve observed), did you attend one? I would LOVE to see your finds! Can you imagine… people originally purchased those “festive” sweaters and donned them with PRIDE- now its just funny.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas wouldn’t be the same without…

  1. davis says:

    hope you got to watch the “12 days of Christmas sweaters” on Jimmy Fallon — it was a riot

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