Oh, go elf yourself.

So… since Christmas is only 3 days away (I hope you got all your Christmas shopping done!), I thought I’d share a link with you to keep you occupied on one of your last days in the office this week (if not the very last).

It’s called Elf Yourself.

You’ve actually probably heard of Elf Yourself by JibJab (it’s going around Facebook & etc. this time of year). It’s Office Depot’s holiday promotional thing (not sure why…) and has been around for a few years now. Basically, you just insert your pic into the elf’s face and BAM! You’re a dancing, singing elf. What I believe is new about it this year, is that you can now get friends and family’s faces off of Facebook, making it THAT much more fun!! I actually made one of my entire family doing the hip hop dance (seen above). Check it out (click the image for the actual video)!

This seriously got some HUGE laughs from my family. I mean doesnt my mom have some HOT MOVES!?  It’s super easy to make your own elf dancing/singing scene! Go to http://elfyourself.jibjab.com/ and simply follow the directions.

Want to put your face into other videos, photos & etc? Visit JibJab’s website for even more fun!

I would looooove to see some of YOUR Elf Yourself results! Comment me with the link to your creations!

Merry Almost Christmas!

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4 thoughts on “Oh, go elf yourself.

  1. Amber says:

    I just saw your blog on the homepage of wordpress.com – I love Elfyourself. I created one a few weeks ago also & it gave me the biggest belly laugh of the year!


    My dog Mabel kinda looks like the big bad wolf! LOL

  2. orphanhelpers says:

    I did this for my nieces and nephews this year. I’m from Texas, and my husband’s family is not, so they always tease me about being too “Texan.” So, I sent them the country version of me and my husband 🙂 Check it out:


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