Art is everywhere.

Happy Short Week!
Aaaand Happy First Day of Winter….4 Days ’til Christmas!

Anyway… the website that I thought you might enjoy today is one that showcases art in the most unexpected medium… coffee!

The site is called Art In My Coffee.

Art In My Coffee is “A Collection of Foamy Awesomeness” (<self-proclaimed and very true). Basically, people who order coffee that end up having awesome designs/images (yes IMAGES!) take pictures of them and submit it to this website.

Other than to appreciate Barista Artistas (<yep. made that up.), I am not sure there is any other purpose to this website… BUT… Scroll through the 50+ pages of people’s coffee mugs and you will find that you are absolutely SHOCKED with what someone can do with a little foam, whipped cream, and hot coffee!

Have you ever gotten a pic in your coffee? Or even better, do YOU know how to do this?!

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6 thoughts on “Art is everywhere.

  1. kseverny says:

    coffee art is cool.
    Every time i go to my local costa shop.
    They sprinkle some kind of design on top of the drink

  2. Clare says:

    hooow cute! I am amazed at ppl’s random talents 🙂

  3. jrworksts says:

    I want to make coffee art 🙂 kinda hard in a carmel frappuccino though …. or is it hmmmmm

  4. Laura says:

    Cool site! People are crazy creative!

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