Borrow or Steal? It’s entirely up to you.

Happy Fridaaaay! One Week til Christmaaass!

The website of the day is definiately for the ladies out there (holler!). And for you gentleman readers to share with their lady friends.

Ladies, have you ever just DROOLED over a designer bag, dreaming about exactly what outfits you would wear with it, how your friends would look at you with envy, and how awesome it would feel slung over your shoulder/arm… And then – BAM – reality sinks in and you remember that your entry-level-ish job (at least in my case) just doesn’t quite keep up with your taste… Well… I have discovered a solution. JUST in time for New Years.

It’s called Bag Borrow or Steal.



Bag Borrow or Steal, soon to be called Avelle, is a website that basically rents out designer items to its members. Not only does it rent handbags, it also rents accessories including: jewelry, sunglasses, and watches! You may be asking yourself, “How does THAT work!?” Basically, once you sign up for a memebership (after your free trial period, it costs $60/month),  scroll through all their items (by category, designer, popularity, or new arrivals), and select the goodies you would like to rent. *Make sure you notice whether or not there is a wait for that particular item if you want it immediately. Select how long you want to have it for and pay. It’s that easy! (See below)

I actually spoke with Sarah, a customer service representative, via live chat (she was SUPER NICE!) and she explained to me a little bit about the services that come with the rented item:

“Just for your information though, while we purchase all of our items new (except for our vintage collection) we do rent them to multiple members. However, every time an item is returned to our warehouse it undergoes a 10-point inspection process including any cleaning or minor repairs needed, to ensure that items are delivered in “like new” condition. Once an item is no longer representative of our quality standards, it is removed from inventory. Should an item be delivered in unsatisfactory condition, you may return it within two business days and contact Customer Service for a full refund…”

So don’t worry, basic wear and tear is covered by the cost of the rental but you may want to purchase additional insurance if your young child, glass of red wine, or new puppy manages to come in contact with it (eeek!)!!

More good news!: If you happen to absolutely fall head over heels in love with your rental, you have the option of keeping it (or STEALING it as they say…for an additional price, of course…)

*Now, here comes the important part, girls. In order to get a designer bag from Bag Borrow or Steal in time for New Years, you must make your selection (of a bag IN STOCK) by Tuesday (Dec 22)- Wednesday morning at the LATEST. It takes 4-6 days to process your request and ship it.*

Have you ever used Bag Borrow or Steal? What was your experience like? If not, would you consider becoming a member?

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3 thoughts on “Borrow or Steal? It’s entirely up to you.

  1. Woley says:

    I’ve secretly always wanted to do this. Even though I suck at carrying purses…

    One day, when I have money, I will do it. Mark my words.

    • MaunderingMe says:

      I know. I want to do it pretty bad. Like the Louis Vuitton Steven Sprouse Collection… the ones with the painted flowers… holy crap. love it. Meanwhile, I’ll just “window shop.” xo

  2. Kristen says:

    Ever since Jennifer Hudson mentioned it in the S&TC movie, I’ve been curious about this. I agree with you guys, someday I’ll do this. It’s such an awesome concept.

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