Life is full of awesome things.

Just try to think of Thursday as Friday Eve. It helps.

Well… onto why you’re here… today’s website is designed to remind you/its viewers of all the awesome, simple, things in life. It’s easy to identify the HUGELY awesome things… milestones if you will… but what about everything else? Things that make you feel momentarily great but – just like that- are gone and you’ve moved on, forgetting about how awesome it really was in that moment.

It’s called 1000 Awesome Things.



1000 Awesome Things simply lists and desribes everyday events/things that are, truly, awesome. Like when your dog is really excited you’re home (#622), when you feel like a song was written about you (#629), and Salt (#830). I like this site because it really does remind the reader that they experience awesome things all the time. Even if the person doesn’t say… have a dog or  has never tried to understand someone talking while they’re underwater, or has never felt snow crunch under your boots… there are hundreds of other things that each person HAS experienced and 1000 Awesome Things helps remind them of those- putting a smile on each viewers’ face.

What is your favorite “1000 Awesome Things”? What would you add to the on-going list? I think I would add eating leftover macaroni and cheese with ketchup. I’m just saying.

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5 thoughts on “Life is full of awesome things.

  1. Jeremy says:

    🙂 1001 when I’m in a super good mood haha.

  2. Hannah says:

    I completely agree with the leftover mac n cheese and ketchup thing…except I add worcestershire sauce

  3. Clare says:

    This is FANTASTIC! some pople are so freaking creative!

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