I need design like my bones need milk.

My obsessions spread far and wide: from awesome websites, humorous videos, and unique products,  to friends’ blogsiPhones, and yes, even mini pigs. But I have even more obsessions… and these are the ones that actually semi rule my life (slash way of thinking): I am obsessed with art, architecture, & design.

The website I am going to introduce you to today has all three of the latter obsessions I mentioned.

It is called Design Milk.


Design Milk is arranged into seven different categories:  Architecture, Art, Home Furnishings, Interior Design, News & Events, Style & Fashion, and Technology. Each category has people who simply blog about their finds within that specific topic. Their blogs will lead you on a journey to the COOLEST things you’ve ever seen. Believe me.

This website is a great way to find inspiration, Christmas gifts, decorating ideas, or simply kill time. I seriously could look at it for hours…  HOURS. It’s easy to navigate and even EASIER to become an avid fan. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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3 thoughts on “I need design like my bones need milk.

  1. jrworksts says:

    Nice website …. I’m not going to lie I got pretty excited at the title

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  3. […] of you may remember when I covered the awesome design/art website, Design-Milk. Dog-Milk is sort of… a sister site. It’s design stuff for those designer’s dogs. […]

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