I know what you can get me for Christmas.

In case you were just stressing over the PERFECT gift to get me (okay, oooooor your loved ones) for Christmas, I have found the solution. A PET! and not just any pet, a very special, very smart, and VERY cute one!

The website where you would get this perfect gift for me is Royal Dandies.

Yes, Royal Dandies sells… well… Royal Dandies, aka miniature pigs- and not just any miniature pig, “The World’s Smallest Breed of Miniature Pig”! I actually discovered this site a few years ago after totally falling in love with Muu (spelling?) the pig in that not-so-great movie Uptown Girls, Starring Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning.  I looked into the little pig and ran across the Royal Dandies website. After looking through all their photo galleries (over and over and over again), it was official I am in love.

I would like a “Dandie Extreme,” please. I mean… they only weigh 10-15 POUNDS! That is just. so. cute. I could even carry him around in my purse if I wanted to!! Plus, pigs are super smart. I could teach my little pig to do tricks! He’d pretty much be the best pet ever.

Okay back to reality…. maybe one of these days… when my blogging can support me (HA! yeah right…), I will purchase a tiny pig of my own (they’re only $5,000+….). Meanwhile, I will just keep stalking the website, looking at all the different photo galleries.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the lil guys (and a video I found):

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2 thoughts on “I know what you can get me for Christmas.

  1. jrworksts says:

    Cute Pigs … I know what you’re getting for christmas … It rhymes with got a swig

  2. Clare says:

    yesssssss i have been wanting one of these cute little things for forever!

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