Festive Friday!

Happy Friday!

After watching holiday-themed shows like The Office and 30 Rock last night, I am totally in the Christmas Spirit (I could NOT stop singing the 12 Days of Christmas)!

Doesn’t the holiday time bring you back to the *magic* and *mystery* of it all… gingerbread men, snowball fights, carolers, presents under the tree…
and the dreaded visit to the local mall Santa.

I actually have no recollection of ever sitting on a Santa’s lap… but thats probably due to repression of the terrifying experience (I have to admit… I’m still not a huge fan of mascots)… Anyway… that brings me to today’s highlighted website:

Sketchy Santas.

Sketchy Santas is a site dedicated entirely to humorous photos of children with Santa. Often, the children’s expressions are priceless… but even more often, the Santa is the type of man that, on any other day of the year, a mother would cross the street to avoid potential contact between him and her children (and would immediately call the cops if he even hinted that they sit on his lap).

Scroll through the website and you will see a variety of Santa Creepers, each of them special in their own sketchy way.

Below are just a few of my favorites:

Convict Santa

Hannibal Santa

Drunk Santa? (maybe Dead Santa?)

Actually-the-local-homeless-guy Santa

And last but not least…. we can’t forget about…

Pervert Santa

Believe it or not, it took all my strength not to share about 25+ more of my favorite Sketchy Santas with you…

All I’m saying is you should really go check out the website for yourself. It’s so funny and will bring back many fond memories of Christmas time shared with your loved ones.

Have any funny Christmas photos or stories?! I would love to hear them… or better yet, submit them to Sketchy Santas and then share the URL!

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