Think, geek.

As you know, Christmas is only two weeks and two days away!

Because of this common knowledge, I thought I’d share a website that is not only totally awesome to surf around, but also has PLENTY of holiday gift ideas for friends, family, coworkers… or anybody else you know who may be a….well… geek…. But let me emphasize… a COOL geek.

The website is ThinkGeek.

ThinkGeek is an online store that sells “stuff for smart masses.” It pretty much has the most random gagets, toys, apparel, electronics & etc. that you have EVER seen. I mean. Check out the screen shot of their homepage- they’re selling a GUITAR SHIRT! REALLY!? Personally, I think that is awesome.

Some of the other awesome things I’ve seen on this website include (but are not limited to):

The Credit Card Lightbulb ($4.99 each!)

The AirCurve iPhone Acoustic Amplifier ($19.99)

Whiskey Stones

ThinkGeek is awesome because you can find the most random things there for those people who have everything or those people who you have no idea what to get for them (I mean…. who WOULDN’T want whiskey stones?!). Search the store by Category (ex: Home & Office, Computer Stuff, Caffeine & Edible…), by What’s New, or even by Interests.

This website is definitely for kids/people of ALL AGES! What a fun way to pass the time- I found a million things I could get for my entire family- gifts they will for SURE never forget!

Did you run across some funky things at ThinkGeek? I’d love to see your favorite “geek”y finds!

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3 thoughts on “Think, geek.

  1. sohe says:

    love itttt!

  2. Clare says:

    looooooove… keep these gift guides coming g/f

  3. Woley says:

    now, if only i had unlimited funds.

    i found about $2500 worth of goodies i want. let’s get on that.

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