Do you need IT?

IT as in I.T. as in Information Technology.

My blog of the day is actually my boyfriend’s — BUT before you scoff at me and roll your eyes….. I am not highlighting his blog because he is awesome (although I tend to think he is…), I am highlighting it because IT (the blog) is awesome!

The blog is called IT for You.

IT for You basically covers anything and everything tech-related. It gives great advice on topics ranging from the newest technology, pc vs. mac debates, and social networking, to iPhone tips, Wii tricks, and useful quips (yes, I just wanted to rhyme…).   I especially love when the blog discusses iPhones (one of his favorite topics) because, although I’ve had mine for over 5 months, I still am learning new things all the time (did you know you can take a screen shot with your iPhone? did you know you can locate your iPhone via GPS if it is ever lost/stolen?)

The blog’s most recent post, A Whole Bunch of Techy Goodness, highlights some of the most popular posts on the bog. My personal favorite: Access Your Computer from Anywhere. You have NO IDEA how many times that saved me when I was in school.

IT for You is a great resource for those problems where you sit back and say to yourself “how did they DO that?!” If the blog doesn’t cover it, I highly recommend contacting him and simply asking. This guy is a problem solver and would LOVE to solve YOUR problem.

Read through its posts and you will find that IT for You is a great way to kill some time when that mid-day slump hits you (or any other time of day) AND, instead of filling your head with silly things like websites dedicated to random look-a-likes, you are educatinge yourself. Learn about the technology you already own and some you might want to own in the future!

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2 thoughts on “Do you need IT?

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  2. Clare says:

    love it! hurray for IT for You, and I totally rolled my eyes and scoffed at you lol

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